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My day is only complete when everything has gone perfectly and everyone has been able to do their job properly as a result.

Kevin Gillet

Kevin Gillet wakes up singing every day. Literally. He loves all genres and almost anything that can be sung. Music has always played a big role in his life and gives him a lot of joy. As a child, he grew up surrounded by various musical instruments. His father is Brazilian and Brazilians tend to love music. In fact, his father played several instruments and musical genres. Kevin plays the piano, guitar and djembe. His favorite music? The typical chansons françaises that everyone knows and can sing along to at the top of their lungs. So, he’s usually the one who sets the atmosphere at parties, and he’s also regularly asked to DJ.

At work, you will often see him wearing headphones. He likes to work to the full, rounded sounds of the piano. He finds that some sounds elevate the mind, while others have a liberating effect. They help him focus and free up head space.

In 2012 he joined Mediabrands as an intern and he’s still here to this day. He feels good in this company and is naturally loyal. Kevin likes working here because it’s a very dynamic environment with fairly young employees: “There is an atmosphere of trust and respect. Even with 180 employees, things are still relatively sociable compared to other large companies. This is mainly thanks to the HR department, which does a great job. They really listen, they even know everyone by their first name and they know everything about us, including our private situations. Isn’t that amazing?”

Pause and reboot

“And yet,” Kevin adds, “the management could perhaps go a step further to strengthen the bonds and communication between the various departments. By rearranging the workplace, for example, and creating spaces for playing or chilling out, you also encourage people to meet up and chat. Like the cozy room at the Google offices. That would be cool. Welcoming rooms where we can retreat for a while, together or alone. Or maybe they could set up ping-pong tables. When we were still spread out across different locations and working in smaller structures, we sometimes played a round of ping-pong in between tasks. I do miss that playfulness a bit. Things used to be a bit more relaxed and casual than they are now. I know that some colleagues had a hard time getting used to the new structure and management style. I’ve had fewer problems because I adapt quickly to changing situations. That has everything to do with my job.”

In IT, no two days are the same. And thankfully so, because Kevin likes variety. When you work in IT, unexpected problems are the order of the day. He likes challenges and having to adapt to the needs of the moment. “Difficult is also possible”, that’s his motto. And he goes to extremes. A job half done is not an option. His mission is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. His day is only complete when everything has gone perfectly and everyone has been able to do their job properly as a result.

To the rescue

There is also a social aspect to his job. Just like HR, the IT people are the only ones who have to deal with every department. Everyone has a computer or some technical problem that has to be dealt with at some point, and for some this creates stress or frustration. It’s the IT people’s job to take away that tension, to reassure them. Kevin thinks that problems are there to be solved and it gives him a sense of satisfaction when the person in question can go back to work relieved.

Of course, human contact has been somewhat diluted by the pandemic, although he does try to call his colleagues several times a day to discuss matters. Yet it’s never the same as when you are sitting together in the same room. Kevin is someone who likes to be surrounded by people. He has a large family and a house buzzing with activity. “At Christmas, for example, there are 30 of us around the table. That’s when I’m in my element. I love being around people. And if I had more time, I would like to help underprivileged young people. Keeping them off the streets by organizing meaningful activities is something that is close to my heart and that I would certainly still like to pursue.”

“You have to try and get the most out of life,” he says. That is why a sedentary lifestyle is not for him. He gets his energy mainly from sports and exercising. He goes for walks with his dog Tess every day, he plays tennis, cycles and does motocross. He’s been motocross racing since the age of five and it’s his greatest passion. It gives him a kick every time, whatever the weather.

All in all, Kevin’s a happy man. He’s shared his life with a lovely girlfriend for the past 11 years and gets to do all the things he likes, including his job.

I wake up singing every day. Music plays a key role in my life. I grew up with it. My father is Brazilian and Brazilians tend to love music.

Kevin Gillet
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