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Christophe Guisset has been at Media­brands for 13 years, working as Geomarketing Director. This job title, however, does not reflect the true nature of his role within the company. “Geomarketing is only part of my job. It’s what I was hired to do, given my experience as a geographer. Since then, I have progressed. Now I also analyze data as part of the wider Research & Intelligence department.”

Christophe is very happy that he was given the opportunity to expand his skillset. He’s noticed that he isn’t the only one to have been able to do so. “Should someone wish to grow and has the ability, management is keen to support that person to do so. In certain companies, your diploma means everything. Here, the focus is on capacities. And it works! Co-workers with specific interests in particular technologies evolve to become specialists within these fields. Of course, you need qualifications, along with some technical background, and experience. However, people’s interests and passions are taken into account by managers, which accentuates the drive and motivation.”

Ahead of the curve

Christophe has first-hand experience of this. “I am essentially encouraged to explore new ideas. What motivates me is becoming interested in a particular problem, finding solutions and establishing new systems. I would say that I’m a fixer, one who likes a challenge. I feel particularly energized when discovering new things. The variety of our client base means that we can be faced with solving issues surrounding banking, entertainment industry, retail, etc. What’s more, Mediabrands provides us with a great level of flexibility. For example, while the transition in adapting to the pandemic was not easy for me, or the company, it was seamless. Everything was already in place, as we had already become used to teleworking. I am grateful that, for instance, I can look after my children at the last minute if I don’t have any meetings to attend or urgent work. I feel that, at Mediabrands, we were very much ahead of the curve when it comes to this kind of thing.”

Christophe’s colleagues know him for his visionary and original approach. “I get the impression that my colleagues are happy for me to suggest new approaches, ask questions and come up with slightly different solutions.” However, his contribution is only one piece of the puzzle. “Most of our successes are the result of a team effort. I don’t necessarily have the vision from start to finish to arrive at a result the client would be interested in. It’s the process of asking the right questions, of people communicating and bouncing ideas off one another that results in a truly interesting end product. I’m simply playing my part.”

Christophe loves to play board games. “At work, I’m a real team player. Playing board games is a way to reveal the competitor in me. It’s thrilling to guess my opponent’s next move and to develop strategies to win the game. It’s fun to spend the night with friends, drinking Belgian beers and having loads of laughs.”

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