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Mediabrands does not stand on its own: we are a proud part of the Interpublic Group (IPG), a worldwide top-tier provider of marketing solutions. IPG is a global group built on human values, fueled by data, and driven by creativity. With approximately 54,600 employees in all major world markets, IPG’s broad range of companies specialize in advertising, digital marketing, communications planning, media, public relations, and specialty marketing.

IPG believes that each consumer is unique, with a finely tuned set of passions, behaviors and motivations. Turning these disparate data points into human understanding creates more relevant and effective marketing: human-centered marketing that accel-erates business performance.
IPG’s intentional focus on Inspired Inclusivity helps in attracting, ret(r)- aining, and developing the world’s best people. This plethora of talents, identities, experiences, world views, cultures, and ideas help solve the increasingly complex challenges faced by agencies and marketers.


Mediabrands is a global network, hosting over 13,000 media and marketing specialists in more than 130 countries. We opened operations in Brussels (Hoeilaert) in the early nineties and have happily serviced regional, national, and European clients ever since.
Over the last decade we grew our client base, our talent pool, our business portfolio, our market share and established ourselves as a solid thought leader and inspiring trailblazer in the market. Through our portfolio of brands, and a culture of collaboration, we offer the media and marketing capabilities it takes to invest smarter and grow our clients’ businesses. We believe in a culture of excellence and equity, in strong and transparent values and ethical media responsibility. We offer leadership to help our clients always act in the best interests of the communities they serve.


Mediabrands Belgium harbors
and deploys an impressive and combative fleet. With the aircraft carriers Initiative and UM come two of the most powerful integrated media agencies on the Belgian market, respectively ranked 3rd and 4th in the UMA (United Media Agencies) ranking. As a group, Mediabrands is ranked 2nd in Belgium in this same line-up. Next to those command ships we operate a small but efficient amount of support, recce, and intervention vessels that add to the efficiency, logic, range, and depth of the services we offer.

People stay with us 7 years on average. A gender balance of 63 % women and 37 % men brings a healthy mix of equality at Mediabrands, across the ranks, up to the board. We have a yearly turnover of 15% but see 4.5% of those return to working for us within 18 months. Our absenteeism rate of 1.58% pulverizes the 5.5% market average. Our teams attend an annual average of 8,500 hours of training, and over the last year 14% of our employees have developed internally and changed function. They bless us with a satisfaction rate (NPS) of 25.2%, the second highest in EMEA in the Mediabrands group. Together we help 300 active clients. More than 90% of our collaboration agreements are local, including the international advertisers. We value every client, regardless of size: more than 80% of our clients have a yearly media investment budget lower than 1.000.000 €.

Initiative —

Initiative’s approach to media is underpinned by a simple reality – advertising-avoidance behaviors will continue to accelerate as new platforms and technologies emerge. This will result in the continued deterioration of paid media effectiveness over time as brands struggle with the pace they need to stay relevant. Technology has created not only new platforms for communication, but also increased expectations around brands and their purpose and relevance in our lives. The dual problem brands are facing today is that consumers can switch off both literally and emotionally. They can switch off their attention to the brands that don’t feel relevant to their lives, switch off (or at least skip through) the ads that are constantly being blasted at them or mute the conversations, content or posts that don’t interest them.But all is not lost. Great brands and ideas can still catch on, they just do so in a different way: through culture. People want and expect brands to have a point of view on the world and play an active role for good. They expect brands to step up, to take a stand on a range of issues, to show they care and are interested in moving culture forward. In this fast-moving and purpose-focused world, all brands have the opportunity to create new ideas so powerful, so topical and so provocative that they move through culture. The faster they move through it, the more relevant they can become. We call this ‘Cultural Velocity’. We have identified five paths to help brands harness this opportunity.

1 — Cultural agitation

1 — Cultural agitation

Agitation is built by challenging the status quo and associating the brand with a polarizing issue. Driving conversation and attention by stirring the pot. Using attention-grabbing acts and public announcements to garner media attention and amplify a message.

2 — Cultural collision

Collisions happen when you pair two things that aren’t usually seen together to create surprise and excitement. Bringing together unexpected elements or juxtaposing disparate things. Generating surprise, and thus conversation and attention,by using a spokesperson that seems quite different or collaborating with a brand or property that appears quite dissimilar.

3 — Cultural proximity

Increasing the relevance of a brand by demonstrating hyper-local knowledge and understanding. Using data to power neighborhood-specific ads, or subculture-specific passions, that show understanding and cultural embeddedness. The brand is part of the subculture, not outside it. The brand gets and represents the community.

4 — Cultural spotlights

Shining a light on an issue that is important but does not get a lot of attention and bringing it to the fore. Something that may not be that surprising, but impacts lots of people, and highlights its importance or value. Taking the interest that exists already and providing the spark that amplifies it and pushes it into mainstream consciousness.

5 — Cultural contributors

Providing open access to information, resources, and tools, with the goal of enacting positive, meaningful cultural change. Encouraging others to participate by making it easier for them to do so.

We believe in culture as a quantifiable connector of people, brands and business growth. We deliver transformative business results by interrogating data and customer insights and stewarding your investments to drive efficiencies and savings with the utmost transparency. The four ‘i’s in Initiative represent our four key stakeholders – our people, our clients, our partners and our consumers. We value these relationships above all else, and our commitments to these groups are unwavering.

UM —

Better science. better art. better outcomes. UM leverages Better Science to create Better Art that drives Better Outcomes for our clients. As true architects of the media experience, we strive for Better because simply being “different” is not enough.

UM uses industry-leading data and analytics to power our innovative approach to planning, investment, and custom content creation. The result is an audience-first approach that discovers, defines, and disseminates the moments that matter in media, fostering meaningful, authentic connections between brands and audiences.

At UM, we believe in transforming how we do media for our clients’ businesses through our Futureproof proposition. We react with agility and speed to changing market dynamics. Futureproof focuses on building brands that stand the test of time: that disrupt, rather than get disrupted. By consistently executing the brilliant basics, and unlocking powerful solutions that impact culture to engage real people, we can make every media euro count for more. We bring Futureproof to life in our marketing approach by creating end-to-end experiences that move and manage the flow of people through Cultural Impact, Community Relevance and Commerce Connection. We’ve identified 3 key ingredients that the most enduring brands have in common:


We want shoppers to like your brand as well as your stores, and
we do this through powerful comms that shape and respond to popular culture.


We want your high-quality, high-value products to be accessible to the most high-value shoppers, and we do this by finding smart new ways to become an inside player in shared communities, passions, and interests.


We want to maximize every basket and drive shoppers to your stores, not your competitors, and we do this through smart tactics that drive more personal, shoppable experiences, fit for time and place.

Next to Initiative and UM, Mediabrands brings a broad range of expertise agencies to the table that broaden, deepen, strengthen, and support our services on the Belgian market. All these units make up the wealth of talents, skills, insights, tools, methodologies and diverse viewpoints that Mediabrands can tap into. While every single unit can operate perfectly on its own, we deploy our skills by tailoring them to our clients’ specific needs. “All for one, and one for all”, is more than a long-forgotten adagio out of a dusty book: it is the sacred formula with which we craft success together with our clients.


is our expert agency in addressable campaigning, addressable activation solutions, advisory services and affiliate mar-keting. Matterkind is spearheading a future that is all-addressable, circumvents inefficiencies across the ecosystem and avoids over-saturation of the same audiences. An effort to apply frequency caps for audiences is not just to save our clients from wast-ed spend, but also out of respect for people who get frustrated by being served the same ad again and again.


is our expert agency in tooling development and mar-tech. Kinesso is focused on creat-ing data-driven solutions through enhanced or newly created products and services, maximizing the impact of traditional and addressable media. Kinesso enables brands and agencies to market with relevance through an open suite of applications built on market leading identity and award winning, patented technology.


is our e-commerce and performance expert agency. Reprise offers a complete suite of crafts designed to deliver customer-centric performance marketing. Reprise’s mission is to help you improve your Customer Flow by making better connections with your customers throughout their path to purchase.


is our leading global media investment and intelligence company. Magna’s trusted insights, proprietary trials offerings, industry-leading negotiation and unparalleled consultative solutions deliver actionable marketplace advantage for our clients and subscribers.


is Mediabrands’ business intelligence unit. Qualified and quantified data, actionable intelligence, market studies, econometrics, predictive data projections and advanced data-visualization inject state of
the art value in all we deliver.


is the (digital) out-of-home (OOH) media planning and buying agency of Mediabrands. As OOH becomes more engaging, interactive and data-driven, Rapport can seamlessly navigate through the ever-evolving media landscape.


is the business consulting expertise of Mediabrands. Rooted in a deep understanding of trends and market behaviors, IPG/Dynamic guides brands in their transformation to be future-ready. IPG/Dynamic creates actionable change, influence and reputation in a profitable, sustainable and respectful manner, and helps brands define a clear value proposition and keep an ethical stance.