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Jean Lissac is entering his third year at Mediabrands as Adops Team Lead. “My job revolves around supporting brands’ digital activities by utilizing marketing technology, data and automation principles. Daily, I solve marketing challenges with the help of data and technology. I’d like to think I am an ‘intrapreneur’ at heart, i.e. someone who really enjoys innovating, conducting research and implementing ideas within already-existing structures. That’s why I keep on learning as it fuels my imagination and enthusiasm. Then there’s the international side of things, with larger and more varied clients. It’s really interesting to be able to talk to them, especially as it allows me to establish a certain level of expertise on the more technical side of things.”
Jean is a great fan of Mediabrands’ people-focused approach. “Despite there being nearly 200 of us, we are all easily able to interact with one another, meeting all kinds of people, right up to the decision-makers, who welcome innovative ideas. There’s an open-minded attitude and a level of transparency about the place. It’s a company culture that I enjoy, one in which I’m able to flourish.”
Jean is looking to grow, to progress within his role and to help his team pull in the same direction. He is also fascinated by what the future will bring.
“I’m very curious about what’s going to happen down the line, about how dramatically my job is going to change in the future. Yesterday’s way of doing things will be completely obsolete tomorrow. In general terms, digital marketing will have changed considerably. Being part of such worldwide evolution is a real driver for me.”
With one eye on the future, Jean also has plenty keeping him busy in his spare time. “I’ve been playing guitar for 10 years, mainly hard rock and psychedelic rock in my band. I’ve also written quite a few numbers myself. My dream would be to release five or six tracks as an EP, have it pressed into vinyl records and share them with those who helped make this project a reality. I have no ambition to become a professional musician. It’s just a case of indulging my passion and making something tangible I can hold!”
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